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One-Day-Trip in Sicilia

My post One Day in Paris began maybe a very interesting for me category in this blog -one day trips. Often, it’s difficult to find much time for travel. It can be about the everyday duties, or money, or other reasons. From other side, there are places you would like to visit because they are legends, a kind of “must do” in the modern culture but in the reality they are not so interesting or important as the legends want to make us to believe. A city like Paris require a life, probably, to visit and to learn everything it offers. The little medieval southern towns and villages are beautiful, but you need not more than 2-3 hours to visit them.

sicilia,travel,messinaI just wrote that I wanted to visit Sicily. First of all -Messina and Reggio di Calabria. This specific interest comes from my studies of the medieval Salerno and characters bounded to it. Sicilia was a part of the Normann kingdom in the times of Robert Guiscard. His brother, Rogger (Roger I DE HAUTEVILLE Conte di Sicilia.), conquested it (1061 Messina) and was it’s governor -formally vassal of own grand brother- till his death in 1101.

The Dom of Messina was built by Rogger. A story of great love between him and his first wife adds a veil of romanticism to the idea of this new discovery. No, I’m not sure that Judith joined him exactly in this part of Sicily but the marriadge was celebrated on Nov.1, 1061 and it makes this assumption relatively truthful.

Why I tell you all this in a post about the ways to come and to explore a certain place? I think, such stories give a kind of a magnifying glass to the trips. I don’t like meaningless collection of the places that one has visited. I know persons that travel every time they can. But the only thing they take from all these visits are the words “I was there and there and there”.  One blogger that I know writes about the ports of call he visited during his cruises and the only phrase he could write about Messina:” it’s a place where there is nothing to see. If you do not leave the ship, you lose nothing there.” He visited this town 10 times and did not find anything worth to see there.

I opened the map of the town and, except Dom, found an Aquarium, a Zoological museum. There are Caravaggio works in local Regional museum: fled from Rome after, wounded in his forehead, he killed a man, Caravaggio came in Messina. His feelings in that difficult moment of his life are in these pictures and there is even a “frontwounded” character there (there is, I controlled 😉 ). Ah, the names of the pictures are “Shepherds’ adoration of the Christ Child” and “Resurrection of Lazarus”.

Well, I think, I could explain the idea. The good trip is a trip when I discover something interesting, important, significant, when I find proofs of what I learned before.

Now, is such trip possible?

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«Таормина» на Яндекс.Фотках

Taormina Hotels

I found that it’s very comfortable to come directly in Messina from Salerno (23:26 -5:15). With the ticket that costs from euro 28! (there are different possibilities). Coming in Messina at 5 in the morning is possible to take a bus or a train to go to Taormina at 6 or 7 arriving at 8 (both bus and train take more than an hour). Two-three hours in Taormina are enough for a round tour. I did not find a possibility to visit Etna ma you can see it from the town, they say.

Confront Hotels in Messina area

«P1010498» на Яндекс.Фотках

Than, I turn back to Messina for a round tour there, too. I think, I have to take a bus or a train at 11:40/56 in Taormina and arrive in Messina at 13:05 (train). After it, I have to take a ferry at 16, arrive in Reggio Calabria about 17 and take my train to turn home at 20:40. So, I have about 3 hours for a visit in every of these towns. All the trip has to cost about 100 euros (tickets). Look for your Hotel in Reggio Calabria

Набережная в Реджио и вид на Этну
«Набережная в Реджио и вид на Этну» на Яндекс.Фотках

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