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Italian Coffee and Italian Breakfast

Italian coffee is really very different from everything you can find in any other country. I visited so called Italian bars when I travelled because I have just got an addiction for good coffee, but I never found something similar to what you drink here, in Italy. It seems strange: the same coffee machines, what they offer looks like better types of coffee. But never even similar taste.

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0 26966 66b73b80 L Italian Coffee and Italian BreakfastWhat you see on the photo over here is normal coffee how it’s made in bars in Italy. I’ll tell you the secret: the first drops of coffee you have in your coffee machine (left) are the most strong. So, when the Italians make it at home, they take only that first drops (if they want strong coffee, I want to say). All the rest they can even throw in this case (for us it’s just strong if we drink it “normally”) . But you never can make at home the same quality of coffe as in the bars. I asked about it many times but nobody coud tell me why. The water is different, the beans are toasted differently …

If you speak about the quality of coffee here, in Sud Italy, everybody will tell you that this coffee is different (read: better) from what you take in North Italy. The difference is that the Napoletans fry coffee beans too much. Practically the beans are overroasted, slightly burnt. Personally I can’t conferm it. For me it’sthe same. ;-)))

The coffee (over) is too strong. It’s taste is strong too. And the quantity is … not enough to enjoy the belly. ;0))) If you want, you can ask it longer and/ or with milk in bars.

One more advise about the first photo. I controled it personally many times. If you have head pains, ask “coffee and lemon”. The pain passes. You can even say (show) to the barman that you have head pains. Many of them (not all) know about it. It was a barman that told me it the first time when I wanted to take coffee with milk (I thought, I had low pressure). “Don’t take it with milk”, he said. “You do worse, take it black with lemon!” I did not believe but took it that way. And it was the truth.

Now, turn back to our breakfast.

You can ask long coffe or “stained” coffee (with a drop of milk), milk-coffee or coffee- milk (the difference between these two last slips off my understanding). Generally the last is a glass of milk with a cup of coffee inside.

I order normally “long and stained coffe” (more coffee and some drops of milk about 50 ml). Here it is:

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or this way:

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This is complete Italian breakfast. As you see, the cup (just too little) is al least full here. They give you not the first drops but more cofee and some drops of milk in this case.

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You will laugh, but I adore these cakes. In some bars they are … incredible, magnificent, splendid, … Well, you got the idea. No, not everywhere. Many bars have them …mmm… dry, not very good. But some of them… OHHHHH!!!!! I have not enough words to describe this delicious food. It’s name is “cornetto”, “briosh”, “dolce” -dipends on bar.

Caffee and cornetto costs about euro 1,40

Cappuccino (150-200 ml of milk with a cup of coffee in it) and cornetto about euro 1,80

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but there are places where you can pay euro 1 for caffee and cornetto even in the center of Salerno.

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My older posts about the Italian breackfast in my other blogs (they ask me to write about it from time to time):

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pixel Italian Coffee and Italian Breakfast
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2 comments to Italian Coffee and Italian Breakfast

  • While I understand that coffe is meant to be strong, I can’t take it. I usually drink ‘latte’ made with all milk, or Cappuccino, but not too strong ;)

    (Though it is obvious that it was not written by an English person, I understood this post perfectly well. You do very well!)

  • Liudmila

    When I felt bad years before, I began to take very strong coffee but I was never a fun of it. I prefer tea. Specially if with fresh leaves…delicious!

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